Lola Licking Icelandic Ice - Timeless Photography Tampa Photographer
Lola Licking Icelandic Ice - Timeless Photography Tampa Photographer

Who Am I?

I am a mother, sister, daughter and wife; LUCKY to live in sunny Tampa, Florida.  I am an engineer but an artist at heart with great passion for photography, painting and music. Howie is my hubby and second shoots all events, even family sessions! He is a badass sales executive whom I never knew had such talent for photography!

I travel with my loyal companions: Howie and my two cameras who help me capture beautiful landscapes, exciting cities and fascinating nightscapes.

What We Do

After a long love affair with landscape photography and selling some of my finest work for print and web, I was encouraged to take on the challenge to photograph families.  Landscapes are easy because they don't move, but people? Yes, people are challenging because they are ever moving, emotional beings... I love people and love to see people smile!

No judgments! just you, us and the camera.  I promise you will be comfortable and have lots of fun.  We will be honored to be your photographers, whatever your event may be.  Let's talk!

Meet the Team

If we seem like nice people is because we are!  I promise the best customer service and you will always talk to me or my better half Howie.

Lola and Howie Team of Photographers - Timeless Photography Tampa
Lola and Howie Dynamic Duo at Timeless Photography Tampa

Some facts, that may be fun...

  • I am neither Canon or Nikon, I am a Pentax girl and I have badass gear!
  • I am born and raised in Puerto Rico and speak fluent Spanish
  • I am an aerospace engineer
  • I speak level 1 Mandarin
  • Although I look 20, I am really in my late 30's (LOL)
  • I love 80's metal, and 90's rap
  • My husband is Canadian by birth, and proud American!
  • 75% of my diet consists of chocolate, therefore, I am a connoisseur
  • I will travel anywhere for a beautiful photo and a life enhancing experience
  • I am a concert addict
  • Astrophotography nerd and Northern Lights chaser

Well, what are you waiting for?

Drop me a line, give me a ring whatever it is that you do, let's get your photo shoot booked!